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And she has no other outside distractions apart for her cat Artemis.

One day she goes to work and is about to go on a date with Jake - the client who will make or break her career - when her whole life changes before her eyes.

Kendall, however, has been too busy dealing with the impending demise of her marriage to write that last book.

With a looming deadline, and a serious case of writer's block, Kendall retreats to her mountain home.

Her three best friends, Mallory St James, Faye Truett, and Tanya Mason, whom she met 10 years earlier at a writers' conference, agree to help Kendall out by collaborating on her book about four best friends who are all writers.

Using their own lives as the basis for the characters in the book, they meet the deadline believing no one will discover that what they have each written is actually more autobiographical than fiction.

The Accidental Socialite is a fun and light-hearted read which reminds us to never believe what you read in the papers.

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All because of one clumsy incident, Paige finds herself going from being a nobody to becoming one of the most sought-after socialites in the city.

Everyone wants a piece of her - especially the paparazzi, which is really starting to put a dampener on her life as they follow and record her every move.

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