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Speaking about how they came up with the concept, Michael Lowery, Chief Marketing Officer at Cheap Caribbean told AOL that the company are hoping to offer a couple a 'once-in-a-lifetime blind date for Valentine's Day'.

And when it launched, the app was marketed as being ideal for 'super picky' users; membership is not guaranteed and every person has to go through a detailed screening process before being allowed to sign up.

'Meeting up with a stranger on vacation seems like it could actually be a great idea, on two conditions: One, if you go somewhere where there is plenty to do to keep you busy.

And two, if you're prepared to go solo should this stranger be a weirdo.

You can leave anytime you want, even if your date isn't buying your story about your roommate forgetting their keys or your cat getting stuck up a tree.

But one dating app isn't giving romantic hopefuls that essential escape route option anymore, thanks to its novel new dating concept that will see two single strangers spend several days together on the holiday of a lifetime in the Caribbean.

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