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What Amazon artfully neglects to add is that if you can find that item cheaper on up to 30 days after your purchase, Amazon will, in effect, match its new, lowered price by refunding you the difference. Particularly during the present post-Christmas shopping season, when prices typically fall on all sorts of items, Amazon is not about to shout from the rooftops that it's offering refunds.

Or perhaps I should say "shout through the forest." Amazon's 30-day price guarantee is a sort of Zen customer benefit.

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(If the price goes , customers aren't required to refund Amazon the difference.) The pricing page also says, under the heading, "Price Matching," that "does not have a price-matching policy at this time." Technically, that's true.

If you can find an item cheaper somewhere else, Amazon won't match that price.

After hearing this story, I phoned Amazon (don't forget, now: 1-800-201-7575, extension 7) and, like a tippler seeking entry to a speakeasy, uttered the secret pass phrase: "Does Amazon offer a 30-day price guarantee?

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All techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.

I myself learned of the 30-day price guarantee from my friend (and occasional contributor) Joshua Green, who bought himself a plasma TV screen a few weeks before Christmas.

Checking the price a few days after Christmas he found that it had gone down , so he dialed Amazon customer service, asked for his refund, and got it.

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