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You buy in because the product suits your needs, your persona and your perception of value for what it delivers (not just mechanical). It's damaging for their long term customer retention to be perceived as gouging. I don't think it will work for mine as it's probably a few versions out of date.You enjoy the ownership and pay the price for what is deemed to be a premium product (whether it is or not is debatable : P). At the end of the day, paying way above what is perceived value for a recurring expense can be a tough pill to swallow even for those with a lot of dollars and no sense(oops! Especially so in the age of daily updates in the software world. One person has to be the ringleader of this scheme, buying the DVD and making the infringing copies. ) That said, there are some models of M-B where a spare tyre is a 0 optional extra (!! According to the site for mercs it has to be an incremental update – sounds like it has be the version before in order to be updated.The 2008 C-200 Kompressor Avantgarde W204 ( being the most expensive model of that range) averages -K second hand as a price guide through redbook.

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How often are Command updates available as my 2011 maps are quite off in some of the locations I drive?Dear Mercedes-Benz owners, please note that the Mercedes-Benz navigation systems require a step by step map update each year, before using the latest map disc.This is the Mercedes-Benz factory requirements, which have no exclusions on any models. I can see it on my instrument cluster and get very nice audible input from car's speakers. Actually I find it very seamless once I'm done inputting my address details into the system.

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