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Feedity "automagically" extracts data from public webpages to create auto-updating RSS feeds.Instantly convert online news, articles, discussion forums, reviews, jobs, events, products, blogs, press releases, social media profiles, or any other Web content into subscribable or publishable notifications.Proven Infratructure Being one of the largest Cloud-based feed aggregators in the World, you can safely rely on our service scalability and solution flexibility.We offer a customizable, high-throughput feeds service at all times, whether you use 10 feeds or 10,000 feeds.My goal here was to show you how to set a taxonomy field’s value using Power Shell.

You can also make feeds from relevant public websites and display them in a 3rd-party portal or CMS like Word Press etc.

To satisfy this, we will use Share Point 2010’s new metadata navigation feature to filter based on managed metadata.

We add a managed metadata column named “Projects” and update the managed metadata column with a term from the list.

Of course, our customer thought navigating this was too cumbersome, requiring them to click through many folders.

They would like to be able to use faceted search to filter the items.

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