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American Indians, also known as the People of the Land, traditionally and historically hold a special knowledge of the land and its inhabitants.

Intimate knowledge of the world surrounding the American Indian was possible because of a belief system that considered all things of creation equal and necessary, worthy of respect and honor.

They are sentient beings, but they have a different consciousness from our own.

When dealing with animals, therefore, one should never assume that they are exactly the same as a human; nor, conversely, treat them like an inanimate thing..." necessarily an animal.

But you don’t need to pull a Madame Bovary trip in the 21st Century, surely?

His Mars in Gemini was trine my Venus, and yes it’s true what they say about Mars-Venus synastry. So much sex and goo goo eyes over him- it took me more than three years for my brain to wake up after being scrambled by the endorphins oozing from me- to realise he was a “Puer” aka self obsessed man-child. A real nasty person who left good friends and family members in the lurch and ghosted any responsibility for his actions. This one has no Mars-Venus going on in his chart but Mars square Saturn.Obviously i am feeling a bit sorry for Mr Mars-Saturn here – could this situation be helped? Or is the bedroom situation literally unable to evolve.“Cold” and “Bitter” does not exactly sound promising.A spirit guide can be anything in Creation that speaks to a person through dreams, physical appearance, magnetic resonance (vibration); or by signs, symbols, words, or any other method or means of communication.A spirit guide can be clouds in the sky or the wind; it could be a horse or a caterpillar; it could be an ancestor or other human form; it could be anything that speaks to you -- to the heart and soul.

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