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~ ~ “Equipaje personal“~~ plus descriptions of the veterinary certification you need to complete before traveling: ~ Additional details (in English) on importing pets are listed at an SRE website: ” When traveling to Mexico with your pet.

“ including explanations about the veterinary exam requirements.

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In order to claim this additional exemption passengers must have the corresponding commercial invoices or receipts available ° Beer, alcoholic beverages and manufactured tobacco may not be included in this additional exemption. Alternately, bringing in more than ,000 USD of goods, no longer requires using a Customs Broker – Menaje de Casa style lists are accepted and encouraged.

We start at the COFEPRIS link “(“Medical Import Permit for Medical Devices for Personal Use”) https://mx/tramites/ficha/permiso-sanitario-de-importacion-de-dispositivos-medicos-para-uso-personal/COFEPRIS702 COFEPRIS uses a Red List, Yellow List, & Green List convention …

and there are other twists~details worth reading about at: Dec.

You will not have to pay duties or taxes, but you must declare it on the Customs Declaration form.

Failing to declare it is a violation of Mexican Law and such violation is sanctioned with administrative and even criminal penalties. In order to import firearms and cartridges you must secure an import permit from the Ministry of Economy and from the Ministry of National Defense.

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