Heavenly sent christian dating

The complete silence that I felt followed by their deaths was sometimes broken by estrange dreams where if I turned my eyes away from my mom or my dad(I’ve never dreamed of them together), they disappear in that moment. When no one else was home he would walk the second floor.I had about 6 or 7 of those dreams throughout 20 years. It was 15 minutes later the nursing home had called and had told me my mom had passed. Reply My stepdad died in my first year of university. I knew it was him because he would switch my phone on to play Johnny Cash, walk around and it would sound just like him. On cold nights when I am feeling down or I feel scared.Reply My husband passed away almost 10 months ago and I have been heart broken ever since–one night I was just laying in bed–not sleeping–because I have had a problem sleeping since he passed away.all of a sudden, all the lights in the whole house went on except where I was in the bedroom—they were flickering on for a few seconds and I sat straight up in bed expecting someone to come in the bedroom.I sat there for a few minutes and then decided to get up and look through the house.

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I felt i couldn’t tamper with it as I may damage it! It came closer resting on a light right by me and became at times annoying! I was lost in grief and eventually went to bed thinking not much more of it! The next morning I was in the same room, sitting where my partner used to sit and the butterfly re-emerged! It flew about me and then rested on the door handle that opened into the garden.September 2017, I was thinking of a college instructor.I went online to find out that he passed away in July.But about 25 years after their death, I had the most realistic dream about my mom: she came to me and told me that God finally had allowed her to visit me. Reply It was early in the morning and my husband left for work. Before he died he came to me in my dreams, sat on my bed and told me so many things. And the cats my roommates owned at the time were very aware of this as well. A rabbit will appear out of nowhere outside my house.I was so real that I still cry every time I remember it. My mom had been in the nursing home and in her last days. Two years ago my cousin died in a horrific car accident. When it appears i feel this warmth that feels as if I’m being hugged. These are things people don’t know about me but are linked.

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