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Agna Bartels will talk about a Dutch cohort study of 7- to 8-year-olds, followed up 5 years and 11 years later.

This talk will look not only at the persistence rate of psychotic experiences from early childhood into early adulthood but also the relationship between persistence of psychotic experiences and risk of measures of both psychopathology and trauma as well as exploring a novel network approach to understanding psychotic experiences.

One frequently cited statistic is that 1% of the population is diagnosed with Schizophrenia in their lifetime, but actually 3.5% of the population experiences psychosis.

Hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there are more common than we think.

Daniel Wolf will discuss the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort, the largest neuroimaging study to date of a community sample with psychotic experiences.

Symptoms must last for 1 month or longer in order for someone to be diagnosed with delusional disorder.Ian Kelleher will discuss a Swedish cohort study of community-based 15-year-olds, followed up 3 years later at age 18.This talk will delve into different subtypes of psychotic experiences—visual and auditory hallucinations and different delusional beliefs—and whether these specific symptom subtypes differentially predicted poor mental health outcomes, including suicidal behavior and substance use disorders.If you’re concerned about a loved one, pay attention to sudden changes in their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.Changes that seem really out of character might be early warning signs of psychosis.

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