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The blank-eyed intruder was a man named Richard Speck.Born in Kirkwood, Illinois in December 1941, Speck was the seventh of eight children.He promised to return on April 19 for more questions, but he never did.Investigators traced him to the Christy Hotel and when they entered his room, found jewelry and a radio that had been stolen from Mrs.Speck married and allegedly fathered a child but the marriage didnt last long, thanks to his abuse of his wife, Shirley, and his mother-in-law.According to her later accounts, Speck often raped his wife at knifepoint, claiming that he needed sex four to five times each day.

On July 13, a depressed and angry Speck was drinking heavily in the Shipyard Inn.

Speck now returned to the home of his sister, Martha, and his brother-in-law, Gene Thornton.

Their second floor apartment on the citys northwest side was crowded but Speck didnt plan to be there much.

By this time, Speck was a slow-witted failure with school work and on the fast track to nowhere.

He started running with some older boys, drinking, fighting and getting into trouble.

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