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The Mass is a popular option since Nicaraguan’s are generally fun-loving festive people who take delight in celebrating such happy occasions.Many feel that the Mass also gives the wedding couple an extra blessing so this Nicaraguan wedding custom is encouraged.

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Once the ceremony is completed, the priest introduces the newly wed couple and they are applauded before making their way out the church.Since the majority of Nicaraguan’s are members of the Catholic faith, the majority of those who choose to get wed do so in accordance with the catholic religion.Just as in other countries, the bride and groom can choose to have just a wedding ceremony or they can have a wedding ceremony with a Mass.Reply to this comment Shawn Oquinn - 2009-12-07 I just currently ariived home from nicaragua, and i also visited granada. My suggestion as a gift would be cordova or dollars. Fifty dollars would be a lot of money converted to cordova. Summary: Did you know that lots of homes in Nicaragua don't have hot water?

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