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Hero Jaejoong is the other male lead and he is a new transfer student who is a troublemaker. ^0^ patient....rumours saying that its coming out soon... Hope this drama will be better than vacation though... All I know of this Upcoming Drama is that TVXQ members are in it. His character falls in love with his homeroom teacher and ends up marrying her. And again, if there's another topic about this, would you kindly point the way by giving me the link??but its coming....u juz need to wait a month or two i suppose..... They've done Banjun dramas before for those who don't know, short little specials on tv. I agree, I did not like Micky's black hair AT ALL. DONT want them to fall sick again I can't wait for this drama too..!!! anyways, can't wait for this to come out and I really do hope they'll have a 16 epi drama.. It's not drama i think it's like a show but anyone know when it's going to air?Still Eun-Sang arrives in London she is in for a small.Although Eun-Sang services in London she is in for a spark.

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