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The following code creates a user-defined schema called wwi.

To show the organization of the tables in SQL Data Warehouse, you could use fact, dim, and int as prefixes to the table names.

The hash distribution distributes rows based on the value in the distribution column.

The hash-distributed table is designed to achieve high performance for query joins on large tables.

Learn key concepts for designing tables in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

A star schema organizes data into fact and dimension tables.

There are several factors that affect the choice of the distribution column.

For more information, see Design guidance for distributed tables.

Queries run fast on replicated tables since joins on replicated tables do not require data movement.

The following table shows some of the schema and table names for Wide World Importers DW. Fact Order | Tables store data either permanently in Azure Storage, temporarily in Azure Storage, or in a data store external to data warehouse.

It compares the names in SQL Server with names in SQL Data Warehouse. A regular table stores data in Azure Storage as part of the data warehouse.

Minimizing the size of data types helps to improve query performance. A fundamental feature of SQL Data Warehouse is the way it can store and operate on tables across 60 distributions.

The tables are distributed using a round-robin, hash, or replication method.

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