Sex dating in kern county

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Deputies at the Wasco substation arrested 29-year-old John Anthony Searls, a sex registrant, on Feb.Sabrina Limon met the man who would ultimately kill her husband while distributing samples at Costco in 2012. Jonathan Hearn was a self-proclaimed conservative Christian and firefighter, 11 years younger than the out-going soccer mom.Hearn fell hard for Robert Limon's wife and entered the Limon's world as the third piece to this love triangle.He was determined to have his new lover all to himself and Sabrina's desire to break it off with her husband and leave behind a lifestyle of wife-swapping with an open marriage, only emboldened Hearn's desire to kill.The first plot to murder was to create a deadly dessert, banana pudding mixed with arsenic, and slip it into Robert's lunch.

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