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In the game's first round(or "Pistol Round"), pro teams usually buy a either body armor or a selection of grenades.

The losing team in the pistol round usually opts to enter a "save" or "eco" round where they only buy pistols (and maybe body armor) against the winning team (who should have full body armor and helmet, grenades, and an assault rifles/SMGs/shotgun).

Here's how they go: "), a pocket (usually Soldier), a roamer (usually a Soldier as well), and two utilities (both usually Scouts).

They are pitted against each other on maps handpicked by the league of their choice, usually on a 5 control points map like Badlands or Gullywash.

For starters, the servers have lower player count, depending on the team format; class limit restrictions (specific restrictions depend on the league"Highlander" teams have exactly one of each character on each team; 6v6 allows up to two of each class on each team with the exception of Engineers, Medics, Demomen, and Heavies, who are limited to up to one being allowed on each team; 4v4 allows up to one of each class on each team, but may not run with a Heavy and a Medic on the same team at the same time); and a weapon blacklist for items that are deemed unbalanced.

They also disable random critical hits and random damage spreads, like shotgun pellets, to prevent the Random Number God from interfering with an otherwise fair match.

Professional gaming, progaming, and competitive gaming are all blanket terms used to describe the competitive, organized, and often financially sponsored playing of games at a high level.

Defending the frontline of the battlefield along with Medic and Demoman, he is essentially the tank for the team.

Also see Fighting Game Community for Fighting Game Tournament Play.

games consist of thirty rounds lasting 1 minute and 55 seconds each (with 15 seconds of time before each round to buy weapons and gear), with each team playing 15 rounds (max) as each side (Counter-terrorist/Terrorist). Ties are possible in online competitive play, but tournaments usually disable ties, and 15-15 results go into a first-to-4-points 6-round overtime period where teams play 3 rounds each as each side.

Additionally, they implement plugins so that it emulates a pickup game, hence why some competitive servers are called PUG servers.

Maps are picked for their strategic value and flexibility, though some are edited to be viable, like the 'banana' corridor in CTF_turbine_pro that connects the outer stairs to the inside of the intel for additional path for flanking.

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