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CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer EQUIPMENT TYPE: Archer PRIMARY WEAPON: , SECONDARY WEAPON: PRIMARY STAT: LINK SKILL: CHARACTER CARD: JOB SKILLS: → → → → → [KMST 1.2.479] Maplestory R. D – Marksman Skill Revamp Showcase Please refer to as it is shared by Bow Master and Marksman. Epic Adventure (MAX)Explanation: Check this for more details!Iron Arrow (Active) Fires a steel arrow that can penetrate enemy defenses. Please refer to for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!Try out our Canisteo Chat room with one of the largest online communities for the Canisteo swinging couple.In New York, a person commits the crime of prostitution by engaging in (or offering or agreeing to engage in) any sex act in return for a fee.Level 1: Based on distance 200, when closer than 18 the Ignore Defense Rate increases by 3% up to a max of 20%. Level 1: MP Cost: 12, attack up to 8 enemies with 548% damage. Level 20: MP Cost: 18, attack up to 8 enemies with 700% damage. Dragon’s Breath Draws upon the spirit of the dragon to fire an arrow of tremendous force that pushes enemies away. Note: Pierce effect is 1.2x per monster, identical to Pierce. Hero Will (MAX) Snipe – Cooldown Cutter Required Level: 143 Snipe’s Cooldown Time -100%Snipe – Boss Rush Required Level: 195 Increases damage when attacking Boss Monsters with Snipe. Enemies closer to the centre of the scope will take increased damage, from 15% up to 100% based on the distance.The farther the distance, damage increases by 4% up to a max of 30% Net Toss (Active) Throws a net on enemies, limiting their movements and inflicting damage. Level 1: MP Cost: 20, Max Enemies Hit: 9, Damage: 453% Level 10: MP Cost: 28, Max Enemies Hit: 9, Damage: 525% Freezer (Element: Ice) Temporarily summons Freezer to deal Ice damage to up to 4 monsters. Level 1: MP Cost: 43, Duration: 76 sec, Damage: 228%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Freeze Duration: 1 sec, Passive Effect – Weapon and Magic Defense: 3% Level 10: MP Cost: 70, Duration: 220 sec, Damage: 390%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Freeze Duration: 3 sec, Passive Effect – Weapon and Magic Defense: 30% Reckless Hunt: Crossbow [Toggle Skill] Reduce your weapon and magic avoid to increase your critical hit rate and critical damage. Dragon’s Breath (4/10) Last Man Standing Attacks against a lone target do much more damage. Hero’s Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. Snipe Fires a carefully aimed shot to deal severe damage. Number of Attacks: 2, Enemy DEF Ignored: 2%, Bonus Critical Rate: 100%, Cooldown: 20 sec Level 30: MP Cost: 50, Damage: 1470%. Damage Against Bosses: 10% Snipe – Reinforce Required Level: 195 Snipe Damage 20% Piercing Arrow – Extra Strike Required Level: 149 Piercing Arrow Number of Hits 1 Piercing Arrow – Reinforce Required Level: 168 Piercing Arrow Damage 20% Piercing Arrow – Spread Required Level: 189 Piercing Arrow Max Enemies Hit 2 Sharp Eyes – Persist Required Level: 143 Sharp Eyes Duration 30 sec Sharp Eyes – Guardbreak Required Level: 162 Sharp Eyes Ignore Enemy Defense 5% Sharp Eyes – Critical Chance Required Level: 183 Sharp Eyes Critical Hit Rate 5% Bullseye Shot Required Level: 150 Hone in on the enemy’s weak spot for a devastating shot. You can aim for up to 12 seconds, during which you are invincible. Fire up to 7 arrows dealing 2400% damage 9 times on up to 12 enemies with an additional 100% critical rate and 100% defense ignore. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30.

Level 1: Crossbow Mastery: 14%, Accuracy: 12 Level 10: Crossbow Mastery: 50%, Accuracy: 120 Final Attack: Crossbow (Passive) Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery (3) Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Level 1: Proc Rate: 2%, Damage: 100% Level 20: Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 150% Physical Training (Passive) Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Note: Evasion Rate is the rate at which a character avoids damage by its Avoidability stat, i.e. Level 30: MP Cost: 42, Damage: 350%, Max Enemies Penetrated: 6, Number of Attacks: 4, final damage increases by 20% at every pierce and damage is doubled. Able to ignore up to 31% Level 20: 10% Defense ignored at minimum distance. Able to ignore up to 50% Crossbow Expert Pre-requisite: Level 10 Crossbow Mastery Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Maximum Critical Damage. Level 30: MP Cost: 45, Critical Rate: 20%, Max Critical Damage: 15%, Duration: 300 sec. Remember that you can join Party Quest (PQ) for fast EXP and nice rewards too!Crossbowman – Archer 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Iron Arrow. Rather than stacking the effect, each attack will renew the barrier. Level 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: 15%, Duration: 900 sec. Level 10 – Level 15 : – slimes at slime cave or if not, at the tree that grew.Level 1: Every 8 sec, 2% of damage done converted into a shield, absorbing 6% damage taken – Maximum HP Absorbed: 11% Level 10: Every 8 sec, 20% of damage done converted into a shield, absorbing 60% damage taken – Maximum HP Absorbed: 65%Sniper – Archer 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Dragon’s Breath. Hookshot, Dragon’s Breath, Explosive Bolt, Freezer (1) 2. Marksman – Archer 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed. Piercing Arrow, Snipe, Bolt Surplus, Vital Hunter, Arrow Illusion (1) 2. – Funded : Orange mushrooms(only for the funded) – Comments : Good exp, arrows should be no problem if you’re funded, or if not, use melee weapon.Wraiths(good spawn rate and exp) – Mask Fish(easy to kill, decent exp and money) – mateons(exp is quite decent) – barnard grey(exp is quite decent) – Ludi robots(good exp, although quite hard to kill) – Freezer(Good spawn) – Funded : Paper Lantern Ghost(good exp and spawn but lots of people) – Funded : Copper Drakes(this could be difficult due to packed spawn) – Funded : Skeledog/Mummydog(fast exp, but only for the funded) – Funded : Moon Bunny(Decent exp and spawn, but difficult) – Most recommended : Robots; Platoon Chronos; star and lunar pixies Level 48 – Level 55 : – jr cats(bad exp, but good money/drops) – jr yetis(good drops and exp, but VERY wasteful of money/pots) – lunar pixies(good drops and decent exp) – stone gollems(good exp, drops and easy to kill.Money earned is good too) – Platoon chronos(good drops, exp not bad, good money.) – copper drake(should be easier nw, exp is decent) – mateons(exp is quite decent) – barnard grey(exp is quite decent) – Croco(good drops, but there’re other mob spawns there.) – Wraiths(good money and drops, good exp) – Zombie Lupins(best trained at with IA/bomb) – Showa Street 1(might be difficult, but exp is good) – Lanterns(good exp, but best with a pt) – Skeledog/Mummydog(good spawn and fast exp) – Hodori(good spawn and exp, not so crowded) – Funded : Flyeyes(fast exp and spawn, but dangerous and wastes pot) – Most recommended : Stone Golems; banard greys/mateons; Lunar Pixies; Showa Street 1; Skeledog/Mummydog Level 55 – Level 60 : – Showa Street 1(exp is good, with decent drops) – hectors(good exp/drops, but wastes pots) – jr yetis(good drops/exp, wasting pots should still be inevitable) – luster pixies(recommended greatly, great exp, spawn, money, drops) – dark stone gollems(not bad, but takes a while to kill.

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