i would love to be seduced by a couple and then turned in to their own sex-doll/play thing.

maybe serve them at their dinner party and used as their after dinner entertainment.


She started to say something but, thought better at the moment.

Looking at her this way, with her nice, round, white ass sticking out for him, he suddenly got very hard. But, he could not let her get away with lying and staying out past curfew. He did not like this and told her to raise her hands above her head while walking to him.

She turned around with her hands trying to hide her nakedness. Her nice, ample breasts stuck right out for him to adore.

When she had realized what time it was, she hurried home. He just looked at her and told her to go sit at the table and wait for him.

He again asked her where she had been and what she had been doing for those two hours she should have been home. He looked at her and said, I do not believe you little girl. He could not see the blush that fell across her face as his hand moved away.

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