Updating screened in porch

Nevertheless, lanais are generally considered screened-in. Looking to add a lanai patio or porch to your home?

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To replace screen in vinyl or aluminum framed screen panels you will need the following tools: While replacing the screen is not labor intensive there is a learning curve to the task.

It is easy to, while trying to remove any slack in the screen, pull the screen too tight as you work it into the channel. I would suggest not taking this up as your first DIY project.

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In these styles the screen is held in a small channel built into the aluminum or vinyl frame and a thin tubular gasket called a spline.One of these wheels has a concaved edge and the other wheel has a convex edge.The convex edge is used to work the screen in the channel and concaved edge is used to work the spline over the screen.In case you have some more space, add a couple of chairs or some bench or seat that corresponds the style of your porch.In case you have a rustic porch, take a watering can, old boots, vegetables to decorate the porch.

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