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For an alphabetical list, see Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches (listed alphabetically).html, body a:link a:hover /*a:visited */ a:active a.white Link:link a.white Link:hover /*a.white Link:visited */ a.white Link:active p a a .header-container .btn-color, .btn-color * a.btn-color:link, a.btn-color:visited .social-follow-url .follow-button .His Fourth Surgery and the Death of His Father Kattan found himself back under the knife just two years later.This time as his father was dying in a hospital across town.I mean, the doctor put bolts in my back,” says Kattan. These are things you just don’t want to be seen doing.” Suddenly trips to the grocery store became fodder for paparazzi and fan speculation. “When you are on morphine, it’s not a very good time to decide whether you should get divorced or not.He attempted dating during his recovery, but that proved to be challenging. But emotions were so high between Sunshine and me.” The divorce made headlines and Kattan was left questioning his decision to keep his health battle quiet.“The doctor said I’d been so close to almost being paralyzed for the rest of my life,” he says of why he finally had the surgery. “It was the same process, just a different area on my back,” says Kattan. ’ And then it became, ‘He was this A-level, great comedian but he’s not doing anything. ’ That hurt me a great deal.” To top things off, the surgery could not have come at a worse time: the day after his 2008 wedding to model Sunshine Tutt.

The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live sketches, organized by the season and date in which the sketch first appeared.“It wasn’t until, maybe, two day later — when my arm started to atrophy — that I got checked out and the doctor told me that I’d broken my neck.” But rather than ask his friends and colleagues for support, Kattan chose to keep his condition private.“My dad was once fired from a job on a sitcom because he said he couldn’t do a certain physical thing on the trampoline,” Kattan says of his father, actor Kip King. I think that was one of the reasons I decided not to tell anyone.“I was just beginning a relationship and it was really hard to say on the second date, ‘Would you bathe me? “Again, I didn’t know, Should I tell people that, ‘Hey, I’m having surgery, that’s why we’re getting a divorce.Maybe I should have been honest about that and tell everybody, but I didn’t,” says Kattan, who leaned on his mother and his good friend, actress Parker Posey during his split and recovery.

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