Updating navigation bar

Hiding the navigation and status bars (while still keeping them readily accessible) lets the content use the entire display space, thereby providing a more immersive user experience. // SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN is only available on Android 4.1 and higher, but as // a general rule, you should design your app to hide the status bar whenever you // hide the navigation bar. When you use this approach, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that critical parts of your app's UI don't end up getting covered by system bars.For more discussion of this topic, see the Hiding the Status Bar lesson.The complete code for Cart Summary.cshtml is as follows: We can include a partial view in any page in the site, including the Site master, by using the Html. Render Action requires us to specify the Action Name ("Cart Summary") and the Controller Name ("Shopping Cart") as below.Before adding this to the site Layout, we will also create the Genre Menu so we can make all of our Site.master updates at one time.This lesson describes how to hide the navigation bar, which was introduced in Android 4.0 (API level 14).Even though this lesson focuses on hiding the navigation bar, you should design your app to hide the status bar at the same time, as described in Hiding the Status Bar. You can hide the navigation bar using the View decor View = get Window()Decor View(); // Hide both the navigation bar and the status bar. SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN; decor System Ui Visibility(ui Options); to help your app maintain a stable layout.We resolved our previous problem with Navigator, which suffered performance problems once more operations were added to the JS Thread.But then we encountered another issue with React Navigation’s rendering of our navigation bar.

The Cart Summary partial view is really simple - it's just a link to the Shopping Cart Index view which shows the number of items in the cart.This isn't required for partial views, but it is a good practice, since we want to make sure our controller actions are used as we intend.We are also returning Partial View rather than View, which lets the view engine know that it shouldn't use the Layout for this view, as it is being included in other views.Your goal is to help people find your content, not show them a new way to get around a website. Labels like “Products” or “Services” are generic to all businesses and do nothing to communicate with visitors. Save visitors the click (and help reduce your bounce rate) by making your website navigation descriptive.When your navigation shows your main services or products, .

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