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When other guys were admiring women in the chauvinistic typical manner, he would study them for very specific characteristics – the curve of their hips and bottoms; the rhythm of their gaits; if they were sitting, the shape of their laps; and, most importantly, whether they had that special “look” not merely of self confidence, but of that certain something, the je ne sais quoi, of a spanker.And if he had the good fortune of seeing her seated, especially if she was wearing a skirt and heels – as confident women comfortable with their sexuality often do – all he would think about for the rest of the day, and sometimes beyond that, was the sight of her lap and the image of himself sprawled bottom’s up across it.And he had a raging erection as he imagined her positioning him to her liking – Elly always told him that his feet would be unable to touch the floor so that the soft tender underside of his chubby bare bottom was presented for unencumbered repeated special attention from her hand and brush.Elly’s descriptions of just how delicious his bottom would look to her as she gazed down on it perched perfectly on her lap were so vivid that the anticipation built in the pit of his stomach to near fever pitch, and he could practically feel the coolness of the air across his bare upturned cheeks while she caressed and kneaded them and then rested the smooth polished brush on the defenseless summits just before she her hand to apply the first of many many stinging spanks.You're not just interested in spanking, you love it.You love having a round plump male bare bottom across your lap.You may even lick your lips in anticipation of spanking, paddling or strapping his quivering sit spot to your heart's content. You know that, during the pre-spanking ritual while you prepare me for that inevitable trip across your waiting lap, I am bursting with the delicious anticipation of having you take from me all control over my spanking.You are competley aware that my mind is racing with thoughts of what your lap will feel like under me once you take me across it; of the satisfying, indeed, comforting, feeling of your arm encircling my waist; of the feeling of the cool air on my quivering bare bottom as I surrender to my excrutiatingly delicious vulnerablity; and of my abject humility as your hand pats, caresses and kneads my bare cheeks while the goosebumps cover my entire exposed rear.

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Just like all of the other naughty boys before him, he would soon be laying across her lap as she smacked his wiggling cheeks cherry red and then vigorously applied that brush over and over again to his jiggling bare bottom.

Jeff often could not get to sleep after one of their explicit chats, and sometimes would awaken in a sweat, his heart pounding and his limbs trembling as thoughts of their chats raced through his subconscious.

It was so real that he could feel her warm strong thighs under him as he imagined the electricity of his erection rubbing against her skirt and stockings and, dare he think it, her bare thighs above her stocking tops.

In our house both Pam and I are on several weeks leave, Pam getting a huge six weeks as a school teacher over the summer break down here. and more spankings ;) Pam has told me to expect a sore bottom for the holidays as she had been too tired and neglecting it a bit.

So far this has resulted in four trips over my wife's lap: One of these was a catch-up spanking for an offense several weeks earlier.

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