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t 26, Alden Ehrenreich is in an enviable, though peculiar position.

A young actor who's worked with Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen and Warren Beatty, he's already built up an impressive résumé — although too often, he's done fine work in movies nobody saw (Coppola's sibling drama ).

I break into her house, try on her clothes and make up a song.

All of this is just us literally taking a camera and going like, ' Okay, ha ha, do this.' We showed it to our parents — ' We're gonna play this at her bat mitzvah!

Alden Ehrenreich height 5 feet 9 1/2 inches (176 cm/ 1.76 m) and Weight 64 kg (141 lbs).

His Horoscope/Sun Sign is Sagittarius, Nationality American and Ethnicity is White.

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The film that premiered about four years ago has ignited major careers for the four young stars -- and a brand new movie is bringing two of them back together.

I asked if I could audition, and we were told that I really wasn't right for the part.Focusing on Lemuel's daughter, Mara (Englert), she holds a secret that threatens to tear the church apart: her romantic past with a nonbeliever, Augie (Mann).As Mara's wedding to a devoted follower looms, she must decide whether or not to trust the steely matriarch of their community, Hope (Olivia Colman), with her heart and life at stake.(Ehrenreich's "Would that it 'twere so simple" exchange with Fiennes is one of the film's comedic highlights.)Sitting in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles native laughs good-naturedly when asked about the challenge of capturing Doyle's particular strain of Southern-fried doofus."It's not hard for me to access a bad actor," he says with a self-deprecating laugh.

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