Interracial dating johannesburg

I also feel quite westernised in my own culture and I identified with Gareth’s culture more than what someone would think I did in my own culture.

GM: My feelings were somewhat neutral, because cultural differences aren’t a major focus in my family.

They had more of a problem that he was the guy who was taking away their daughter, like most parents have. Cassie is my sweetheart and probably more favourited by my parents than me. They treat him like a son and are always buying him gifts. GM: Only in the sense that we or they are closer and more loving. They are old school and have different principles and values.

Young people don’t seem to be bothered about our relationship but I do get some stares from the older generation when we are out shopping. CN: The worst experience has been people judging Gareth based on the colour of his skin.

GM: I’d say younger ages don’t really react differently. I lived in a predominantly Indian and coloured neighbourhood.

When Gareth used to drop me off at my parents’ house while we were still in Port Elizabeth, we had incidents of people who lived in my street making comments as I got out of the car.

They would remark on his race and what car he drove.

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