Deepika padukone dating siddharth mallya 2016

Relationships and breakups in Bollywood have never been a new thing.It is something that erupted the moment the word ‘Bollywood’ was introduced in India.The couples were allegedly in a committed relationship and had openly accepted their relationship even in the media.It was when the duo was shooting ‘Bachana Ae Haseeno,’ they apparently began their romantic relationship.A handsome hunk in the world of cricket, Yuvraj Singh is someone whom every girl would like to have in their life, and Deepika Padukone has been no exception.The relationship between the two had been in the news for quite some time then.There has been several speculation and gossips regarding Padukone’s private life and affairs within and outside the film industry.The relationship between Padukone and Panday-a Bollywood actor- has been quite a low affair.

She was a relationship with Nihar Pandya during her modelling career.It is what almost every stars and celebrity and in fact every individual has to go through.But when it comes to high profile celebrities like Deepika Padukone, it becomes more of a buzz that air’s on every FM and news channel.It is something that happened when Deepika herself was a new face in the industry.They are also rumored to have been in a live-in relationship for almost three years before they broke up.

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