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According to Lieberman, she was planning to spend the day cleaning up the apartment in anticipation of a dinner visit by her cousin two nights later.She had a two-hour online chat with her mother, during which she mentioned that she was planning to check out the Windows on the World restaurant on top of the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center, where a friend was to be married the next spring. she signed off and went to drop off some clothes at a neighborhood dry cleaners, then went to a Century 21 where she used the couple's American Express card to buy lingerie, a dress, pantyhose and bed linens.The couple were married in May 2000 at a small ceremony held in Dutchess County, combining Jewish and South Indian Christian elements.Lieberman gave his bride a minnu, a traditional Malayali Christian wedding pendant shaped like a gold teardrop with a diamond set in it. On the day she disappeared, Philip was off from work.Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center and her medical training, her family believes she perished trying to help victims of the following day's terrorist attacks. The first by Ron Lieberman, her husband, and private investigator Ken Gallant, a former FBI agent, initially presumed her disappearance and possible death were unrelated to the attacks but later concluded it was the most likely outcome.A later investigation by New York City police delved into her life leading up to September 11 and found details of a double life, a history of marital problems, possible affairs with other women, job difficulties and alcohol and drug abuse by Philip, as well as a pending criminal charge against her, in the months before her disappearance.Afterwards she bought three pairs of shoes at an annex to the store.

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That evening, after the terrorist attacks, he was able to use his medical credentials to get through the security perimeter and return to their apartment.

she decided to pursue a career in medicine and enrolled in the Chicago School of Medicine in 1995.

There she met Ron Lieberman, a student a year behind her from Los Angeles, and began dating him.

Since the window had been left open, dust from the towers had accumulated throughout.

There were tracks in it from the couple's two kittens, but none from any human.

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