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As you savor our cuisine, imagine a Filipino family party on an urban farm in West Philly with all your Titas doing line dances and your cousins bumpin’ to stoop jams. Established in York, Pennsylvania, Mi Caldero Restaurant has been serving up authentic deliciousness of Puerto Rican cuisine since 2009. Bones and Oziel Bones, this mother and son dynamic duo have been at the forefront of the city’s ethnic food dining options.Mi Caldero’s flavorful and homestyle dishes will surely have you planning future visits. Daniel Stern is the chef and owner of R2L, the acclaimed modern-American restaurant that is set on the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place in Center City Philadelphia.The diversity of food and culture that Ange grew up with in Malaysia inspired the Muhibbah Dinners.From the open kitchen at Saté Kampar, she watches diners from different backgrounds enjoy dinner served in both halal and non-halal preparations: everyone feeling at home, comfortable and happy.Born and raised in northwest Argentina, entrepreneur Jezabel Careaga has had a passion for cooking from a very young age. They developed a strong bond in the kitchen making bread, peeling potatoes, and making pasta.At the age of five, she remembers helping her mother baking alfajores enthusiastically.Pelago Pop-Up Kusina, comprised of Resa Mueller, Neal Santos, Jillian Encarnacion, and Michael Cher, seeks to articulate the Filipino culinary culture of the American Mid-Atlantic region.We use kitchen techniques adapted from myriad cooking traditions to explore locally sourced, grown, and produced ingredients in an effort to create flavors familiar to the Filipino palate that hum with the emotions of the Filipino diaspora.

“Poi Dog” is a pidgin term that refers to the mixed nature of their hybrid Hawaii-style food.After years of living abroad, her nostalgia for the flavors of home coupled with what she perceived as a dying appreciation for humble Malaysian cuisine back home inspired Ange to open Saté Kampar, a restaurant focusing on saté (skewered meat grilled on coconut shell charcoal) and traditional Malaysian cooking made from scratch.The restaurant quickly became one of Philly’s top restaurants and was nominated for the James Beard Award.In 2005, Daniel ventured on his own with the nationally and internationally recognized Gayle, and then went on to create other renowned dining experiences with Rae and with Mid Atlantic.R2L, which opened in January of 2010, is now his home and it is there that he continues to explore his fascination with food and to push the boundaries of modern American dining.

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